I.G.T.A. Launch Date!!!

Thursday 26th July 2018- Sunday 29th July 2018


Come along with your friends, family and your pimped out rides and join us at Flinder Rangers Skytrek.

There will be show and tell with demos on how to use your equipment safely and efficiently. But most importantly getting out there and enjoying what nature has to offer us all.

Saturday is the day to do the Skytrek itself, so we have plenty of time to run you through the logistics before you get to have a play.

There will be lots of photos taken as well as filming for our advert.


Prices as follows:

For the Campers (Most of us):

Camping is $25 per night for first 2 persons and $5 for each extra person per vehicle.  If only 1 per vehicle it is $12.50 per night for that person.

For Cabins (For people wanting that little bit of luxury):


The Homestead   (linen included)

2 persons $350 per night

Extras  –  $40/night adults, $20/night children u/15

Min. price $430

Overseers Cottage

2 persons $150 per night

Extras – $30/night adults, $15/night children u/15

Jackeroo Cottage

2 persons $130 per night

Extras – $20/night adults, $10/night children u/15

Shearer’s Quarters

2 persons $230 per night

Extras – $25/night adults, $15/night children u/15

Min. price $380.

The 4×4 Track


They are happy to do the Skytrek at $55 per vehicle

The track is quite rough at the moment because it is so dry here so lets hope that we have had a rain before you come.  The last proper rain here was April 2017.

If you are interested in joining us on our 1st journey please contact MATT LUKS on 0421 772 734 to get your name down on the list.


Still waiting till we get final numbers by Thursday 28th June 2018. More Details on where to meet and what to bring will come soon.

Hope to see you all soon on our new adventure!!!!